The Lietz-Idea

About a century ago, reformist educator Hermann Lietz accused the state school system of using soulless mass-operations and founded the first country-education home as his answer in 1898.

Lietz’ model school, a unity of academic learning and education, was and still is targeted at personality development. The children and teens are to learn mainly one thing: Living skills and courage. A future-oriented teaching plan was developed for this, and a unique support system established. The students live and work together with their teachers,.

Education does not stop at mere conveying of academic knowledge. For this, Hermann Lietz set up the so-called "chapels" as a kind of "general studies". This obligatory programme comprises intense dealing with artists and cultural activists, sports and music, as well as with persons from economy and politics. Ideas and statements on the most important subjects of the current times are discussed with them.

Practical work is particularly important at the Hermann-Lietz school. Learning with head, heart and hand. The "guilds" and "practical work" are part of the mandatory programme for all students. The "guilds" provide a way for every individual to pursue his or her personal interest in drama groups, carpentry or the gardens. "Practical work" is community service.

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If you want to see what an alternative to day school is like, you can now "test-sleep" at the three Hermann-Lietz boarding schools of Hohenwehrda, Haubinda and Bieberstein.

If you want to try us out, you will have sufficient opportunity to talk to the principals even during the summer holidays.

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