Children and youths are support by their teachers, who also live at the school, in small groups. This way, they experience safety and always have an adult contact.

HAUBINDA near Hildburghausen in Thuringia houses an elementary school, the regular school (Haupt- and Realschule) and a Fachoberschule with the subject focuses of economy and technology and economy and administration respectively. Students can gain their technical college qualification there. Accordingly qualified students can continue for a 13th year at school after Fachoberschule to also achieve their Abitur and gain general university qualification. Haubinda teaches children from the first grade to perform practical work and assume responsibility in addition to lessons. The Hermann-Lietz school Haubinda has approx. 120 boarding students. The school also has day students from the vicinity.

SCHLOSS HOHENWEHRDA near Bad Hersfeld in Hesse houses grades 5 - 10 of the Realschule and grades 5 - 9 of the Gymnasium. Schloss Hohenwehrda is committed to individual support for every individual child, and thus to permeability within the school types.

SCHLOSS BIEBERSTEIN bear Fulda in Hesse houses the Gymnasium upper school. In Bieberstein, the general university qualification can be achieved in the G8-system after 12 grades. Abitur exams can also be taken after grade 13 (educational year). For youths who want to start their professional careers after their Abitur, we regularly perform so-called career fairs, where parents and former students of the Hermann-Lietz school present their professions.Berufe vorstellen.

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98663 Haubinda
Phone: 0  36 875 / 67 10
Email: haubinda(at)

Schloss Hohenwehrda

36166 Haunetal
Phone: 0  66 73 / 92 99 - 0
Email: hohenwehrda(at)

Schloss Bieberstein

36145 Hofbieber
Phone: 0  66 57 / 79 0
Email: bieberstein(at)

Monday 8.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.
Tuesday 8.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.