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Hermann-Lietz school is one of the most traditional boarding schools in Germany.
It is a member in the Vereinigung Deutscher Landerziehungsheime.
Haubinda offers elementary school, Haupt- and Realschule (regular school) and Fachoberschule.  Hohenwehrda offers Realschule and Gymnasium. Bieberstein offers the Gymnasium. 

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A highly motivated team of committed educators does anything to ensure children are able to learn without fear  and to maintain their curiosity about the world. Elementary school students have a building built to the state-of-the art educational principles at Haubinda, among others permitting lessons with several grades at the same time.


A Thuringian peculiarity is the so-called "regular school". (see figure school types in Thuringia)fileadmin/user_upload/2_UNSERE_SCHULEN/Bilder_bildung _1/hau_schulsystem.gif

Students who do not go to Gymnasium after elementary school generally go to regular school. This initially combines Haupt-and Realschule. The students at Haupt- and der Realschule Haubinda are taught together for some lessons

Every student will have an adequate challenge to achieve the Hauptschulabschluss or  the qualifizierter Hauptschulabschluss at the end of grade 9, which is required to go on to grade 10 of the Realschule. Students take the Realschulabschluss examinations after grade 10 with a state-wide central exam. Individual support remains at the teachers' focus. Good students from Realschule may enter the Fachoberschule in Haubinda or the Gymnasium upper school in Schloss Bieberstein (Hesse) after grade 10. 


Hermann-Lietz school has two Realschule branches – one in Haubinda and one at Schloss Hohenwehrda. The qualified Realschulabschluss enables students to go on to the Gymnasium upper school.
Schloss Hohenwehrda has grades 5 - 10 of Realschule and grades 5 - 9 of Gymnasium. After grade 10, the students at Realschule take the central graduation exam. Talented students can always switch to Gymnasium.

At Haubinda, Realschule is part of the so-called regular school during the first years, meaning that students are taught together with those of Hauptschule part of the time. After grade 9, they achieve their Hauptschulabschluss or qualifizierter Hauptschulabschluss, which enables them to move on to Realschule. The state-wide central graduation exam for Realschule takes place after grade 10.


Graduation from the FOS Haubinda qualifies students tu study any subject at any German technical college. The focus areas offered are technology, focus information technology, and economy/administration, focus tourism. Students gain working experience in closely supported internships in selected companies.
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Grades 5 - 9 are taught in Schloss Hohenwehrda. In grade 10 and up, students go to the upper school boarding school at Schloss Bieberstein, where they already live together with the students currently graduating. The graduation exam is taken on site and state-approved. Special offer: our excellent Abitur preparation by additional lessons and revision books.  After successfully achieving their technical college qualification in Haubinda after grade 12, students qualified accordingly can also take their Abitur to gain general university qualification in a 13th year at Haubinda.

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