Eight to ten students live with their educators in so-called boarding school families. In the morning, the teachers convey knowledge at school, then they become "family parents" in the small living community.
Everyone – students and teachers alike – take their share of responsibility in this small living group to make living together as comfortable as possible. Respectful conduct towards others is a matter of course for the "Lietz residents"

Our three boarding schools are located in the country, surrounded by meadows, fields and forests – and ambience that facilitates focussed work and enables them to replenish their strength.
A larger town – Fulda and Coburg respectively – is nearby Until grade 11 and sometimes until grade 12, two students share a room. The higher-grade students can move into single rooms for added peace for their preparation for the exams.

Things never get boring at the Hermann-Lietz school. While the youngest students are still closely supported pedagogically in their free time, older students increasingly gain independence and freedom.
There are some traditional events that all residents take part in together: theatre plays, sports events and weekend parties. However, everyone has enough free time for his or her own individual activities. Sometimes, one needs to be alone to listen to music in one's personal living area, to read or to talk about life in general with one's closest friends …

There are age-appropriate open offers on weekends. Every other week, students can go home for the weekend starting Friday afternoon. Students who cannot go home will have a separate offer at school.

Haubinda, the largest of the three boarding schools, has a dayschool as well. The 292 "external" students are at school from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. School busses taken them to school and back home.

The "daystudents" have the same requirements as boarding students:
Guild, practical work, student parliament, etc. are some of their daily commitments as well. Of course they work for the school community and "their" school.

Getting a whiff of boarding school air

Get to know life at boarding school
with us – you can try it out...

If you want to see what an alternative to day school is like, you can now "test-sleep" at the three Hermann-Lietz boarding schools of Hohenwehrda, Haubinda and Bieberstein.

If you want to try us out, you will have sufficient opportunity to talk to the principals even during the summer holidays.

If you wish any additional information, just fill in the contact form.

You can also reach our boarding schools by phone at:

Boarding school Haubinda: 036875 - 6710
Boarding school Hohenwehrda: 06673 - 92 990
Boarding school Bieberstein: 06657 - 790

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