The so-called guilds of the Hermann-Lietz school are much more than simple work groups. They are a fixed part of our school's profile. Students usually choose their guilds by their personal preferences and talents. They are about application-oriented learning and practical implementation of their own talents.

In practical work, every student performs community work for his or her school and the community. Tending the garden and cleaning the school premises are work that is necessary and must be done. At the same time,. every individual shows that he or she takes responsibility for the whole. This leads to an intense relationship with their own living area. 


The boarding school at Schloss Bieberstein offers an additional educational year for students who still want to take their Abitur exam after 13 grades, rather than taking the "quick Abitur" after eight years at Gymnasium.
Students who want to deepen their middle school learning and/or are very young and wish to mature some more can improve their knowledge, take on new cultural, social and sports offers and challenges or improve their linguistic skills with a stay abroad to then start upper school with their new insights. Informationen on the Lietz educational year


Everyone should know of their talents, freely develop creativity and increase their joy in experimenting. The musical area is promoted in lessons, workshops and guilds, as well as in musical individual lessons.  Options also include sculpting, painting and graphical design, stage design for theatre plays, drama, dance and music. Here, the young people get the perfect opportunity for living their creative potential.


The physical education offer at the Hermann-Lietz school contains nearly forty types of sports.  Among them are handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, athletics, swimming…

All of them stand for courage, perseverance and will to win, as well as for responsibility, fairness and thinking ahead – and mainly for the experience that we can often do more than we think. This applies regarding the mandatory sports as well as special offers like aerobic, fencing, golf, kung fu, mountainbiking, horseback riding or climbing…

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98663 Haubinda
Phone: 0  36 875 / 67 10
Email: haubinda(at)

Schloss Hohenwehrda

36166 Haunetal
Phone: 0  66 73 / 92 99 - 0
Email: hohenwehrda(at)

Schloss Bieberstein

36145 Hofbieber
Phone: 0  66 57 / 79 0
Email: bieberstein(at)

Monday 8.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.
Tuesday 8.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.


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