Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village Haubinda

The Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village is unique in German education.

At our school, we focus on shaping well-rounded personalities and allowing young people to grow up close to nature. Taking joy in learning is the prerequesite for lifelong learning, which is why we aim to instill and nurture a love of learning in our pupils.

In our own 'School State' our children and young people learn to take responsibility for the community and solve issues independently and democratically.

Our extremely rural location is purposely chosen and a great asset in this respect. Situated idyllically in the south of the German state of Thuringia (Thüringen), our students grow up in a safe and nurturing village community.

The boarding school is organised around units of 8 to 12 pupils, which we term 'boarding families' to reflect their nature as a home from home and safe space for our boarders. Each boarding family has its own house featuring accommodation in double or (rarely) single rooms, a resident house master or mistress and a communal space to meet and chat.  For communal use by all students, there is a bakehouse, the garden with a greenhouse, a large organic farm, a large moder sports hall and  spacious workshops for wood and metal work. All of these are essiential elements of life in Haubinda.

In a fast-paced world, we offer a chance to draw strength out of the quiet beauty of nature and to develop an ecological consciousness. This focus on a lifestyle close to the natural world sharpens the eye for the essential things in life and reflects a healthy lifestyle.

In all this, and especially through practical work in agriculture, the young citizens of our village learn how to use natural resources sustainably and understand the natural production cycle.

Fees in the Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village

There is an enrollment fee of 520.00€ (100.00€ for day pupils) as well as a deposit of one to three monthly fee payments payable at the beginning of the first school year.

 ‘Stiftung Deutsche Landerziehungsheime Hermann-Lietz-Schule’ as the charitable foundation owning and running Haubinda offers several bursaries every year covering up to 50 per cent of the school and boarding fees.

Fees for the different age groups are as follows:

Years 1 to 10: 2,628.00€ per calendar month

Years 11 to 13: 2,734.00€ per calendar month

Extras: 200.00€ per calendar month

Day pupils Years 1 to 10: 330.00€ per calendar month

Day pupils Years 11 to 13: 430.00€ per calendar month


What is covered by these fees?

Boarding school fees cover all costs arising through a child attending the boarding school. This includes all lessons, extra tuition in Math, German and Foreign Languages if needed, accommodation and meals in the boarding school as well as supervision and care outside school hours.

Which costs may arise on top of regular school fees?

Complimenting lessons at school there are trips which may cause addidtional costs. On top of this, each pupils receives an age-appropriate amount of pocket money which is paid out of the account of disbursements. In addition this, pupils will need tickets for travel to and from the school (train or plane tickets, bus transfers to and from the school). This entirely depends on the cost of travel from the student’s home.

 (All prices valid from 1 August 2020)

Pupils and students describe what they appreciate most in Lietz Internatsdorf Haubinda, what kind of activities they are doing there and what their favorite hobbys are.

Why Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village Haubinda?

  • Developing an ecological consciousness
  • Living in harmony with the natural world
  • Focus on agriculture and farming
  • Experience democracy together in the 'School State'
  • All exam levels available in the German school system under one roof
  • Sixth Form with a focus on Business Studies and Economics

School System

The Hermann Lietz Boarding Schools all operate fully within the system of internationally recognised German secondary school qualifications. Between them they are able to offer all school qualifications available to German students and will find the suitable path for each child, whether it be a straight road to University Entry Qualifications or a path of stepping stones using Foundation and Mid-Level Exams to arrive at the same destination.

International Weekends

Take a note of the 'international weekends' for our foreign students.
Foreign students will be supervised completely over the weekend.
Find out more here.

Burkhard Werner 
Boarding School Headmaster

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