International Weekends

The concept of our 'International Weekends' is unique among member schools of the DIV (German Boarding School Association), being offered solely in the Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village in this particular way.

Every second weekend, when all other students go home for the weekend, our international students go on tour to discover Germany, see famous places, learn about German culture and history, try new activities, smell some city air and do some much-appreciated shopping. These trips usually begin on Fridays at 1pm and the students return on Sundays at 7pm.

This ensures that our international students who are not able to go home over a weekend enjoy a productive and informative break from school life. Students travel in a group (c. 12-16 students) and are supervised on these trips by two of the regular members of staff of Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village Haubinda.

Interesting Destinations Waiting to Be Discovered

Generally, the school's minibusses are used as transport on these short breaks ensuring a maximum of mobility and flexibility. This means that itineraries can be adapted to suit the weather, the group and local conditions when necessary. Accommodation is usally provided in double or triple rooms in mid-range hotels offering wifi access and ensuite bathrooms.

Destinations are generally chosen from cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg and others which provide a welcome break from Haubinda's countryside feel. This also allows students to discover more of German history by seeing some of its important sites. Language skills and cultural knowledge are developed when out shopping, sightseeing or sampling the different regional foods.


Helping Students to Choose a University

When we choose destinations for our International Weekends, we always bear in mind that students will need to choose a place to continue their education at University level after leaving our school. Therefore, we make sure that we visit as many towns and cities renowned for Higher Education as possible, so students can make informed decisions.

There are always different activities to choose from covering culture, sports and fun.

Past International Weekends at Hermann Lietz Boarding School Village have included:

Visits to  Neuschwanstein Castle, the Fairy Grottoes at Saalfeld, die Wartburg Castle in Eisenach,  the picturesque town centres of Bamberg and Düsseldorf

Visits to the Weimar Arts Festival, the Museum of Technology in Sinsheim or  the Forum of Contemporary History in Leipzig

Cheering on the athletes at the FIS-World Cup for Ski Flying in Oberstdorf

Visits to the Europapark Rust theme park oder der Gamescom computer gaiming fair in Cologne

Physical activities like bowling, riding off-road pushbikes, quasar, trampolining or ice skating are also part of the experience

Our unusual weekend provision ensures that our international students never get bored.

Burkhard Werner 
Boarding School Headmaster

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