Haubinda Details | >

Boarding school
in Thuringia

On the former knight's estate of Haubinda in Thuringia, life is still in harmony with nature in the middle of meadows and forests.


Hohenwehrda Details | >

Boarding School
Schloss Hohenwehrda
in Hesse

Schloss Hohenwehrda is located at the edge of the Hessian biosphere reservation Rhön, offering an atmosphere particularly supportive of learning with its island location.


Bieberstein Details | >

Boarding School
Schloss Bieberstein
in Hesse

The Baroque castle Schloss Bieberstein is a pure Gymnasium (secondary school preparing for university qualification), located 15 kilometres East of Fulda. At this time, it houses grades 10 to 13 for young men and women.

Our certificates

  • Delf Zertifikat
  • Cambridge Zertifikat
  • Dele Zertifikat
  • Zertifikat britische HK

Certificates at boarding school

Delf certificate, Cambridge certificate, Dele certificate, Certificate British HK.

Our three boarding schools prepare for a number of globally recognised exams and often take them on site. The students are prepared for all exams of the University of Cambridge. The Hermann Lietz schools are officially recognised examination partners of the University of Cambridge for the basic diplomas of General English and the Business English Certificates (BEC). Boarding school students can gain their European language certificates for English, French, Spanish and Italian at our boarding schools.

* All certificates named above are internationally recognised.

LEARNING TO LIVE in boarding school

Hermann-Lietz boarding schools accompany students on the way to their own identities.

Supporting students while helping them along on their personal way to their own identity are the objectives of the three Hermann-Lietz boarding schools Bieberstein, Haubinda and Hohenwehrda. The first and foremost principle: Instead of uncritical learning by heart and reproduced fact knowledge, the Hermann-Lietz schools consider conveyance of knowledge and formation of character to be inseparably connected. With a unity of academic and moral education, tradition and modernity, the boarding schools mainly teach the children and teens one thing: Competence for living. Students mature into resilient, self-confident and relaxed persons with the ability of self-reflection and self-observation. The private schools give them not only theoretical knowledge, but also the option of recognising and testing their own strengths, talents and skills in comprehensive practical offers. This combination repeats the lesson contents, helps understand and remember and correctly apply them even later. Integrated thinking, responsible action, confidence and self-confidence, mental flexibility and the courage of actively designing the future – all of this is at the focus of the comprehensive school offer of the three Hermann-Lietz boarding schools.


Personal development at the boarding school

From the crafts skills of the pottery guild to the creative projects in stage design or drama group – there are hardly any limits to personal development. Learning stress, hasty memorisation of the lesson content from test to test and a lack of positive learning success are replaced by an environment in which not only theoretic knowledge, but also well-founded information on backgrounds, causes and effects, as well as economic and social interrelations are conveyed and improved in practical application. Language skills, for example, can be practiced in the scope of a stay abroad. At the same time, education to social commitment and taking responsibility for the good of the community are important basic pillars for the schools' principles. Lessons, education and life in the community at the Lietz schools are targeted at tolerance in the community and aligned with a humanitarian educational concept.


Get to know life at boarding school with us – you can try it out...

If you want to see what an alternative to day school is like, you can now "test-sleep" at the three Hermann-Lietz boarding schools of Hohenwehrda, Haubinda and Bieberstein.

If you want to try us out, you will have sufficient opportunity to talk to the principals even during the summer holidays.

If you wish any additional information, just fill in the contact form aus.


You can also reach our boarding schools by phone at:

Boarding school Haubinda: 036875 - 6710
Boarding school Hohenwehrda: 06673 - 92 990
Boarding school Bieberstein: 06657 - 790

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