Prep Year Secondary high school

Higher level secondary education preparatory year at Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein in cooperation with the Humboldt-Institut in Bad Schussenried

At a glance: the concept of the higher level secondary education preparatory year

  • For one year, 4-6 students from different countries are admitted to acquire language level B2/C1.
  • The students alternate study between the Humboldt-Institut Bad Shussenried and Schloss Bieberstein.
  • They attend intensive German courses 5 days a week in Bad Schussenried.
  • At Schloss Bieberstein they are integrated into introductory phase (E-phase) courses (mathematics, sciences, PE, arts, English, etc.)
  • They receive practical lessons in German-as-a-second-language specifically geared towards preparation for grammar school.
  • From the very first day, they are provided with intensive educational support at Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein and the Humboldt-Institut Bad Schussenried.
  • There is full integration into the typical school life experienced by all the students who attend Schloss-Bieberstein

Our aim

The primary aim of the higher level secondary education preparatory year at Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein is to acquire language qualifications B2 and/or C1. After the preparatory year, students are well prepared in terms of content and language and are therefore able to attend the grammar school education programme at Schloss Bieberstein or any other German grammar school.

Application requirements

Participants in the higher level secondary education preparatory year

  • Should be aged between 15 and 18 (at the most) and have good reports from their home countries.
  • May also be admitted into the preparatory year with/without low level German skills.
  • Must have adequate English skills to attend a higher level secondary school afterwards.
  • Students have to have sucessfully completed grade 9 in their home countries

The following documents must be submitted for an application:

  • Translated school reports starting from Year 7
  • Curriculum Vitae in English or German
  • Letter of motivation (applicants with German skills in German, applicants without German skills in English)

Our schedule and organisational framework

Students spend time both at the Humboldt-Institut Bad Schussenried and at Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein. The higher level secondary education preparatory year always starts with an intensive German course at the Humboldt-Institut. The transportation between the Humboldt-Institut and Schloss Bieberstein is included in the price as part of the advance payment of ancillary costs.


Version 1

Entrance beginning of August
Duration: 50 Weeks
Price 37.000 €

Version 2

Entrance beginning of September
Duration: 45 Weeks
Price 33.000 €

Version 3

Entrance beginning of October
Duration: 40 Weeks
Price 30.000 €

The following applies to all versions: Advance payment of ancillary costs: € 2,500 / Admission price: € 1,000

Our curriculum

The following subjects are provided for students on the higher level secondary education preparatory year, depending on their qualifications:

  • German(intensive course at the Humboldt-Institut; speaking and written text production as well as specialist vocabulary at Bieberstein)
  • Business German
  • English as a second language
  • Mathematics
  • A science(biology, chemistry or physics)
  • Culture and history
  • Art or music
  • Sports

Holiday accommodation and weekends at home

Students on the preparatory year generally spend their holidays at the Humboldt-Institut and attend their German course. In the Whitsun holidays, there is the option to spend the holidays with one of our carefully selected guest families. The participants of the preparatory year are, of course, also welcome to make their own travel plans during the Whitsun holidays.

Students are supervised during the weekends by either the Humboldt-Institut or Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein supervisors.


A holistic learning approach

Life at Lietz Internat Schloss Bieberstein does not stop at academic work: all students are well integrated into boarding school life. They are members of a regular house family, consisting of students who attend the regular higher level secondary school at Schloss Bieberstein.

A huge variety of sports, artistic and musical activities helps them consolidate what they have learnt in their life together with the other higher level secondary school students. Learning, living and working merge into one and mutually complement each other.

Michael Meister
Boarding School Headmaster

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School System

The Hermann Lietz Boarding Schools all operate fully within the system of internationally recognised German secondary school qualifications. Between them they are able to offer all school qualifications available to German students and will find the suitable path for each child, whether it be a straight road to University Entry Qualifications or a path of stepping stones using Foundation and Mid-Level Exams to arrive at the same destination.

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